Top Ten Most Beautiful Korean Actresses
    This is my list of most beautiful South Korean actresses(You may wonder why Lee Da Hae,Park Min Young and other famous Korean beauties are not here: It's plainly because they're fake beauties who underwent plastic surgery and it will be unfair to other natural beauties if I include fake beauties here,right?)So, enjoy my list of well-deserved natural beauties!


1.Lee Yo Won
    She's number one on my list simply because she's so beautiful that I can stare at her for hours and never get tired of her superb beauty,and not just a simple beauty, but a classic,natural and timeless beauty.Add to that,I really like her height and great supermodel-like figure,she's a statuesque beauty! Not only that,she's a brilliant actress also! I can't understand people saying she has no facial expressions in her dramas,of course sometimes it's required in her role like being the Great Queen Seon Deok,she can't show any weakness. The first time I watched her was in her drama Fashion 70's and I said to myself, "who's this angel-faced beauty Iam seeing?" ,she's like an angel fallen from heaven and I began to research about her and I was fascinated!
 Lee Yo Won is still beautiful while crying!

2.Lee Ji Ah

Another angelic beauty on the list is Lee Ji Ah! I'm not so amazed by her acting but the first time I saw her,I'm really like,WOW! I love her face structure,it's finely chiseled but her features are soft and very girlish.She has a very unique look and a charming aura.

3.Lee Young Ae
   The first time I saw her,I was really captivated by her gentle eyes and very pleasing aura.She may not be the sexy type but her wholesomeness is what made her more attractive to me.


4.Lee Tae Ran
  Is it just me or she looks like a combined Park Ye Jin and Son Ye Jin? Well, I think she's more beautiful than those two. I am so captivated not only by her beauty but also her regal charm and graceful moves.Her height,her amazing posture and her strong presence really pulled me into her.And I love her eyes,it's so expressive.

5.Choi Ji Woo
 Oh! Where will I start? Well,I love Choi Ji Woo's beauty coz it's so feminine and gentle(though sometimes I don't like the blank expression in her eyes) and even though she's not that tall,I'm drowning in her regal presence!


6.Ha Ji Won
  At first look,she doesn't seem beautiful to me,but the more I see her,the more she looks amazingly pretty! And she's one of the most striking Korean actresses I've ever saw.Her strong appeal is like a gravity pulling you into her.Her face, has a very beautiful features and her face alone has a very strong personality.

7.Park Ye Jin
 Park Ye Jin has a very strong facial features but it's so strange that her screen presence is so gentle.I like her gentle stare balanced with,like I said,very strong features isolating her eyes.I like her angelic smile too, complete with usually rosy cheeks.But I'm not into her acting so much,not that it's bad but sometimes she's like lacking in oxygen or something.

8.Han Hyo Joo
   I love Han Hyo Joo so much! I love her amazingly natural beauty.Her eyes,though small,at least she's not like the others who forced themselves to have a western look(which I will never understand coz asian beauty is so special and it's a shame not to be proud of it.).She has a very angelic face and I like her screen presence coz it's so light and I can't see a reason to dislike her. Her fragile looks and frame makes her more attractive and she always have that damsel-in-distress look which makes her more endearing.

9.Jeon Ji Hyun
  Jeon Ji Hyun first captivated me by her super girly pretty looks in My Sassy Girl and I liked her since then. People always argue if she underwent plastic surgery but I don't think she did,her eyes are not so big but it's very expressive and she don't have double eyelids so I never think she did.I also love her boyish but sexy aura.

10.Kim Tae Hee

  Many might wonder why she's just number ten,but I can;t relate to people saying she's the prettiest Korean
actress,not that she's not pretty but I'm not into her beauty that much,like when she wear bangs,I don't like her look so much,and I don't like the shape of her eyes so much.But then again, she's in the list!!! What I like about her face is her elegant nose(I hope it's not by surgery) and facial structure which I think is her best asset. But I'm not into her acting,she always bore me.

And that's it! Again,don't be angry if your favorite is not number one or not in the list at all,i'ts just my opinion:)



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